Thursday, February 2, 2012

Playing With Spices

I love Spices! All kinds.  
I decided that I want to work on organizing what I can even though I can't get into the kitchen yet.  The obvious place to start was the Spice drawer because it is easily moved out to my bed.   (my bed now smells like Vindaloo)

Most of my spices are bought in bulk bags at Penzy's or on line.  The bags make the spices hard to find in the Drawer.   I was given 3 doz baby food jars. I labelled them on the Lid and the Side of the jar so that when you look down in the Drawer it is easy to find what you need.  Each of the Penzy's 4oz bags filled 2-4 Jars.

I will need to get more Jars (hopefully a little bigger jars) I will put up Pictures when I have it all fixed up.

My favorite Spices are :garlic, Cumin, fresh sage, rosemary, Thyme, Oregano & all kinds or Peppers.    What are your favorites?

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