Monday, January 16, 2012

Bean Soup & Outback Style Bread

Since I am not able to move around my kitchen yet if I want to "cook" I need a helper.  Tonight I really wanted to use the new bread-maker, but figured if I was going to put Poor Eric to work searching for ingredients it should be for something he would like to eat.  Thanks to the Internet I found  a recipe for his favourite bread.

 Here is the recipe we used.

I wanted to make the Black Bean, Black Eyed Pea and Barley soup mix that I picked up at Bob's Red Mill today, but was tired and had bugged Eric enough for the day so Tony took over and dinner is almost ready.  Everything Smells so good and I am looking forward to being able to enjoy ameal that I got to at least help a bit with the prep on.

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  1. seems delicious.

    a visit from philippines. :)