Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oven Roasted (not Dried) Tomatoes

Ooh I made the Oven Dried Tomatoes. I did not cook them all the way to Dried, but they turned out so intense. they will be great added to Pasta & Salads.
I took yellow Cherry Tomatoes & Romas, cut the Romas in quarters & the Cherry Tomatoes in half. Squeezed out the pulp & seeds. Tossed them with quite a bit of Olive oil , Italian Seasoning, Thyme & Garlic Cloves. Cook them for several hours at 200degrees. When they are done they will be so sweet & intensely flavoured. I put them in a Jar and Covered with More Olive Oil. This was a wonderful way to use up tomatoes so they don't go bad. I can't wait to use them in a salad and the wonderful Olive oil in a dressing

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